Wednesday, 2 December 2015

The Important 3D's For getting success in your life

There are 3 necessary D's if you really want to enjoy the success in any field of your life. If you can focus on these ones then no one can stop you from getting success in huge way. So you just need to be disciplined in initial stage to start any work . In daily routine you have to show dedication to maintin discipline in your life then it will surely get you to the next step towards your goal in your life. Determination will get you at another extent of real success which you will be really deserved.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Its Just about creating yourself

Life is about creating yourself. It does mean that how much you can stay focused during creating yourself. Its all in your hands that how much you can put efforts towards this creative thing. It doesn't matter about past time, past was past. Just forget it and move forward to create yourself. If any of you want to see yourself at another extent then you should put more and more efforts in it.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

 Perseverance Is Key To Success

If anybody in the world wants to get huge amount of success in the any part of their life then they need to get more perseverance towards their goals.  There are lot of things to be taken care off in our lives, like our family, our career objectives, objectives regarding health and many more effected things and there is no one in this world who doesn’t want to be succeed in all these deeds of his life. Yeah there are some important things needed to be followed if anybody of us wants to be successful to achieve these types of goals.

Beginning of every work is quite difficult than rest path of your goal. Once you will get started towards your goal then you will be getting your next paths by its own.  Then it ll be give smoothness in your way to be successful to achieve your goal.  Perseverance key will help you to get your every goal in your life. Your desire should high regarding your particular field where you really want to achieve some position.

Sometimes in the middle of any process you feel like totally low in your attitude and negativity comes in your path, at that time it’s our main examination to have some patience and be persevered towards our goals. More focus towards anything will lead to our main path to get anything in our life.  Here i just wanna to talk about perseverance because it is the only method to get any type of goal in your life, it doesn’t matter how longer it is. 

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Create One Strong Desire

When we are looking towards the every particular person in this world who has been doing some works during their  whole life, most of them are not looking satisfied from their routine schedules. Those people are doing jobs and work which they have been doing , but with very less amount of interest.  Sometimes when we have start a work , but we don’t complete that work with in perfect time and in correct manner, then there is one thing which is very needed is to find out the reason to do that work. Means when we will have to start any work  , then our first step should be create the right reason for that work. We should find out the reason for ourself not for any other person . we should work for our own dream , not for anyone else’s.

Like we can see same situation in the student’s life. Most of the students don’t want to do study or don’t want to prepare for their exams . it shows that they don’t have any reason to do that. If they will have some reason to do so , then they can produce more than previous one without any reason. Students should remember at every time that they have something to do, by which they can create their distinct name in any particular field.

Its not that difficult which most people thinks. If you have a goal in your life than its very ease to stay focused on that goal. If you don’t have any one than create one and just do work for that one only. In today’s time there are lot of distractions for all the people who have been wrongly using social media sources for a long time. Its creating biggest distraction in the way to achieve any goal in our life. Here we just move our focus from all these things. We just have to remind one thing , that thing will be our “Desire”, which we want to fulfill . its also called goal for life. Focus can give us better life , we all know we feel some pain we get ourselves out of our comfort zones. Its okay, this pain will not kill you buddy. Always remember, pain is temporary- it may last for a minute or an hour or a day , a month  or even a year , after that you will see the results which you really wants. So just be focused towards that work which you have been doing in your routine for some purpose.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Getting out of our comfort zone

Comfort zone plays a vital role to achieve anything in our life. When we meet some people, who are trying to motivate us to do something better in our life, they could preffer us to get anything in your life , you should have come out of you comfort zone to achieve anything. But here the need is about to understand the correct meaning of comfort zone , from which we should have come out of.  It could be describe with the anxiety level in our life, while doing anything in our daily routine.  Like if we cook daily a vegetarian dish , that would be ok, because we like to make vegetarian foods on daily basis. But suppose there is need to make something non-vegetarian for somebody, which actually we didn’t make before, that can arise our anxiety level. But if we have bigger need to make that one for somebody, than we should have overcome our fear.


Here a major question come like how can we overcome our fear to do that work , which we never done before .Then we should take some ideas from our friends , who normally makes non-veg. they can give us the better recepie to make. Fear to do any new work which we have never done before is just a thinking . When we will have to start a new work ,We should have to take one thing in our mind that we can do this work for surely. We have to think that there is nothing which can not be done by anyone . Our thinking is the only thing which can make us in an any way. 

We should  try to face that fear. Fear is nothing, its just the state of our mind. It just come and go in our mind during the whole life. But its in our hand that do we need to get it on ourself or not. Don’t let it on yourself.

Another thing which could come in this is don’t try to feel relaxed every time , we have to increase our anxiety level to do some of the works. Sometimes we have to face some works who looks very difficult to do. The main interruption to complete any type of work in our life is just because of our fear and comfort zone, so we have to get out from both of these things, then we can do anything with full efficiency. In this manner we can achieve any type of goal in our life.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Happy Independence Day

Every body in this world wants to be live freely. So today is that day when our great martyr's gave us freedom from british governance. In today’s world every Indian is know to this day’s meaning just as independence day, nothing more than this. This is the reason why we didn’t get the real freedom for living our lives in that manner, like other countries of the world is doing. Here we have to be paused for a moment and think little about the real facts behind not getting real freedom for each and every human in our country.

As we all are known to the real condition of our country, like there are 125 crore peoples are  in this country and its also great democratic country INDIA. In this such great country we all have to know about real history of our country and those brave people of india. Our elder people gave their lives for giving us such a beautifull country in this world . Everyone know that india is such a beautifull country with the different languages, religions people living around the whole country. All the people are living with great love with each and every other religion’s person also. This can happen in india firstly and then in other countries are taking information from our country to live a life in a great way.

So here one big step for to be taken is about indulge in the wrong policies of the system and put the corruption out of all of this . All Youngsters should come out of their houses and let fought with this wrong political policies and also fought with wrong mentality specially we have to do something for the safety of women in this country. Women are not safe from the previous time. These are the thing have to be taken careof for the betterment of our country. Remember any thing will be start from our own , so we have to start from us rather than to give responsibility to other persons and wait for their efforts .So wake up guys on this occasion  we have to decide the future of our country , its always in the hands of youth . Happy Independence Day.

Thursday, 17 July 2014


Many people around the world try to copy others, specially their idols. It’s ok we all following some person who already got success which exactly they want. So we people are trying to copy ourselves totally with them. I personally think its not good at all point of our life. Everyone have their own potentials. It helps us in our life to get success by knowing our idol’s potential and try things which we getting from them. We need some motivation to get our desired results, for that we need to follow some facts and learn them from other persons.

Don't compare yourself with others
But the main thing here for been take care of is everybody has his own potential to do any work in his life. There is extreme power in ourselves which we everybody doesn’t know, some people find out that power from in between. That power can help us in every way to get any of our targeted goal in the world. We can do anything if we get known to that power, it’s come from our soul. We have to do some efforts to get that power out of ourself. When you get that power than no need to compare yourself with others.

People are trying to copy them with other people in many forms like in their body shapes, their skin color, their height and length etc. But I think these all things doesn’t matters to get any goal in this world. Any one can get any thing if they really wants that thing. One famous word from a person is

“you will get ur goal if you have need that as bad as u breeth ”. How much its important for you in you life is the real matter behind anything’s achievement. Like if somebody wants to be a footballer then he can take knowledge from good players, but he should do that in his own way. That matters to him in real sense. So at the end we can say that if you want to be successful in your life then don’t compare your self with other to get success.